Urban Yarnage is an ad hoc group of knitters and crocheters in Houston that design and develop fiber street art projects.

We install a project annually on International Yarnbombing Day (IYBD) in early June. In addition, we work on consignment to create projects for commercial installations or advise others on designing and developing their own projects.

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What is Yarn Bombing?

Yarn bombing is intended to bring interest and beauty to otherwise cold or sterile public spaces. It is a fun and unique way to soften and call attention to the built environment.

While yarn bombing (also known as urban knitting, guerilla knitting, or yarn storming) originally started as a subversive underground form of street art, similar to graffiti art, yarn bomb installations have evolved with time to encompass all types of fiber art projects. Yarn bombs have become very popular and are publicly accepted as temporary art installations. Yarn bombing is now a national and international art movement that encompasses projects that range in scale from very small to extremely large.